Walking for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? How about walking for weight loss?

It seems so simple, but it’s true. Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight naturally. There are no expensive gym memberships, no specified times, no special equipment needed. It's just you, a good pair of running shoes and the open road - or an indoor track or treadmill!

I live in Ontario, Canada. So the weather outside is not always great for getting outside for exercise! 

I like to run and be outdoors, but I’m the first to admit that I’m a... 'fair-weather runner'. I don’t like to brave the cold, the snow and the ice...Brrrrrrrrrr... it’s just not my style!

Give me a warm spring day anytime!  Other options include checking out your local community centre for an indoor track or maybe the local high school has an early morning walking program.

Success Tips When Walking for Weight Loss

There are a few things to keep in mind when you begin your walking program.

  1. Set yourself up to succeed. Pick a time that works for you. I like the early morning because a morning walk/run energizes me for the rest of the day and then I get to jump in a hot shower!  The other benefit to starting early in the morning is that you’ve already DONE your exercise if something better comes up in the afternoon. You know what I mean...like coffee with a friend, or dinner out. If you’ve completed your walking in the morning, you won’t put yourself in the position to have to choose which activity to do!
  2. Get fitted with a good pair of running shoes. Go to a store that has a reputation for fitting shoes. They have staff trained to make sure you get the right shoe. If your shoes don’t fit well, the rest of your body will tell you very quickly! Make sure to inform the salesperson exactly what you want the shoe for...eg: walking for fitness or running for weight loss. Be specific and that will give the person helping you the information he/she needs to help you make the right choice.
  3. Commit to a schedule. I know I already mentioned picking a time of day, but I suggest that you have a look at the calendar and actually mark down the days when you will walk. Make this an appointment with yourself. This will help to keep you motivated and will let the rest of the people in your house know that you are serious about walking for weight loss.
  4. Pick a walking buddy. Ask a friend who has similar goals to come with you. You will get some exercise and get in a great visit at the same time. He/she will also act as an accountability partner for you. On those days when you don’t feel like going, he/she will be waiting for you, making it much harder to cancel than if you were just going alone. If you have a dog, this is the perfect opportunity for them to lose weight naturally too.

We all eat too much and exercise too little. Canine obesity is a real problem.

Check out this article about fat dogs on my friend Sandra's website all about dog health and nutrition.

A lot of our furry friends are crated all day while we work and they don’t get the amount of exercise that they need to stay healthy.

So, like humans do, they become 'canine couch potatoes' and begin to look like a potato too!

If you don't own a dog, you could always go to your local Humane Society, rescue or shelter and ask to be a dog walker.  What a beautiful way to give love to these wonderful animals!  And you BOTH get exercise!

Walking for Weight Loss: How Far for How Long?

Well that depends on you!

Start with 20 minutes and pick a scenic route if you can. If you’re not sure where to go, then just start walking and turn around after 10 minutes.

I do that when I’m running for weight loss. If I don’t know how far a distance is, and I want to run for 30 minutes, I start running. After 15 minutes, I simply turn around and follow my same route back.

Set some goals for yourself.

Start with 20 minutes the first two weeks and then increase to 30 minutes in week three.

How Many Calories Will You Burn?

Based of a speed of 3.0mph (miles per hour), you will burn approximately:

Time:               150 lb person      175 lb person       200 lb person

10 minutes            49 calories           99 calories             66 calories     20 minutes            99 calories          115 calories           132 calories    30 minutes          148 calories          173 calories           198 calories

Fuel Your Body!

As you can see, walking for only 10 minutes isn't a huge calorie burner but it's a great place to get started if you haven't been active at all.  Nutrition plays a KEY part in weight loss as well.  Check out my pages on sugar and fitness nutrition for more tips!

I like to follow up my walking for weight loss with a Healthy Smoothie!

Walking for weight loss should be fun!

  • Pick a time
  • Make a schedule
  • Get some good shoes
  • and take a buddy along with you (two or four legs!)

See you on the road!

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