Stress Relief

Stress's something we all crave.  Life seems to be so crazy busy and we are looking for ways to manage stress.

There are all kinds of ways to relieve stress including massage, meditation, essential oils, Yoga, breathing techniques and taking a vacation.  There are lots of books available to help you on your journey too.  However, if you need stress relief, you probably won't sit still long enough to read the book!


Yoga is a great way to incorporate a number of different stress relief techniques.  Usually we begin with some deep, centering breaths which automatically trigger the relaxation response in the brain.  Sometimes there are essential oils lightly scenting the room.  And more than likely, calming music is playing quietly in the background.  Lights are dimmed and you feel yourself sink into the solitude of the experience. Ah.....can you feel yourself relaxing already?


Massage is also a wonderful way to manage stress.  Perhaps cats have known this all along!  Have you watched a cat knead it's claws into a soft blanket? Or perhaps even your leg!  Your cat is telling you  that you need a massage!

Chair massage is something that I have recently taken a course in.  The client sits in a chair with their arms resting lightly on their lap so it is accessible to all bodies.  Not everyone can easily get up on a massage table or down on the floor for a traditional Thai Yoga massage.  The chair massage that I learned, incorporates many ways to relieve stress.  It starts with some shoulder work, then moves into techniques from an Indian head massage (you know how good it feels when you're at your hairdresser and they massage your scalp!).  From the head massage, I then move around to your face.  It's like having a facial without the products.  And then as you are relaxing on the pillow in front of you, I finish working your upper back with essential oils. This has got to be one of the best ways to relieve stress that I have experienced.  If you're interested in booking a session, please go to my Contact page.

My Top 5 Stress Relief Techniques

  • Take 5 deep breaths - holding the breath out of your body for a few seconds before inhaling slowing again
  • Sit quietly in meditation for 5 minutes each day - repeat the words "inhale" and "exhale" as you breath.  This will keep your monkey mind occupied
  • Go for a walk outside.  There is nothing like nature to put things in perspective.  While you are walking, start to name things that you are grateful for.  It may be as simple as saying you are grateful that you have legs that can walk.
  • Take a Yoga class.  Find a studio and teacher in your area and try it out.  If there are none in your area, buy a DVD or find one online.
  • Book a massage.  Or any kind of body care that makes you feel relaxed.

Bonus Tip!

Take a vacation!  A few days away from your regular routine is so good for the soul!  It doesn't have to be long or expensive.  Sometimes just new scenery is the best prescription!

Herbal supplements are another option for stress relief.  One that I like is called Zerenity from Nature's Sunshine.  It helps to relieve worry, tension or occasional stress by replenishing your body's stress-coping reserves.

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