Online Personal Training

Online personal training is the safest way to get a great workout these days!  Due to the current health circumstances around the world, most gyms and workout studios have been severely impacted.  But you still want to workout right?  You still want and need some direction from a certified personal trainer too!

I understand that a lot of people just aren't comfortable going into commercial gyms anymore to get their workouts.  I'd be a little hesitant myself!  That's why I decided that it's the perfect time to launch my online personal training feature!

What is online personal training?

We have learned to do pretty much everything online over the past year.  Even my Mom (who is 82!) has bought stuff from Amazon!   Why should it be different with your fitness?

There are all kinds of free stuff out there in the fitness world so why do you really need a personal trainer?  I think the proof is in the pudding!  We've had access to lots of fitness options for years - yet many people just can't seem to stick with a program.

That's where I come in.  As your online personal training coach, I will set up a program specifically for you and then send you a link to a free app where you can see your program and login when you workout!  That way I get a notification that you are doing your program!  The app is set up to show you GIFs of the exercises that I choose for you so there is no wondering if you are doing the exercise right or not.  It's a great feature!

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How it Works & What it Costs

First, we need to set up a phone call or a FaceTime.  This is the consult where you tell me what your goals are, what equipment you have already and a little about your health.  I will then make a few suggestions based on your answers and make sure that what I do and what you need/want is a match.  The consultation is 20 minutes and it's FREE!

If you choose to move forward with the online personal training, then you will pick a package.  Most people need some form of accountability although there are a few who just want a program designed by a professional and they are off to the races.  That's where the different options come in.

Option #1 is simply a program that I will design based on your goals, your access to equipment and what you need.   A basic fitness program to get you going and you get access to the free app as well.

Option #2 gives you more value and personal one-on-one time with me, your trainer!  I will design a program for you (as in option #1) and in addition we will meet here in my studio (if you are local) for a 45-minute session where I take you through the exercise program.  You'll have a chance to ask questions and try out the exercises.  You will also get a Biotracker reading which will tell you your body weight, body fat %, body water %, amount of muscle, bone weight, visceral fat and your metabolic age - how old your body REALLY is compared to your chronological age.  This option can be done via a ZOOM call too if you are not in my local area.  (No Biotracker reading is available if we have a ZOOM call).

How long do I have to commit for?  Although you can start to see and feel changes in your body after only a few weeks, I'm asking you to commit for 3 months.  You can make some amazing progress in 3 months and you owe it to yourself to make that commitment!

Pricing will be sent to you once we establish an appointment for the consultation.

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