Obesity Statistics - Are You Overweight?

The White Elephant in the Room - Is This You? Get the Fat Out !

Are you a member of the Obesity Statistics Fan Club?

We see it everywhere - on TV, in the newspapers, on magazine covers, walking down the street. People are overweight - 10, 20, 40, 100 pounds or more!

We see it, but do we believe it could be us? Have you looked at a recent picture of yourself? Or caught yourself in the mirror and not liked what you saw?

Obesity Statistics to Think About

The past 40 years have seen a dramatic increase in the obesity rate in Canada. Between 1970 and 1998, the proportion of Canadian adults considered overweight or obese increased from 40% to 50.7%.

In 2004, approximately 6.8 million Canadian adults ages 20 to 64 were overweight, and an additional 4.5 million were obese. (Nature's News, volume 3/no.1)

These obesity statistics are very disturbing. Obesity rates for teens and obesity in children are following the same trends. There was a recent study published (September 2012) that stated that childhood obesity rates have risen to 33%!

What are we doing about these obesity statistics?

To be honest, we're hiding from it. Making excuses, living in denial, pointing the finger of blame at everyone and everything other than ourselves.

Even clothing manufacturers are helping us to live in denial!

Have you noticed that over the last 10-15 years you can now fit into a smaller size than you did before, even though you haven't lost weight?

Compulsive Overeating -
Is this Your Problem ?

A lot of diseases are directly related to being overweight and/or obese. Think about it.

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Skin problems
  • Arthritis
  • Joint and tissue inflammation

All of these could be reduced or eliminated if we maintained a healthy body weight.

And here's the kicker !!!

It's YOUR hand that's putting the fork to your mouth, and it's YOUR brain that makes the decision not to get off the couch and exercise.

Once we take responsibility for our actions, then we can get on the path to helping ourselves live the best life that we can.

It starts with you!

I often hear clients say..." it's too hard " or " I like my glass of wine after dinner" or " I just have to have__________________ ( you fill in the blank) ".

Those comments make me question their commitment to themselves. Do they really want to lose weight? I would suggest that they have a "competing commitment". Competing commitments are things that get in our way of attaining what we say we really want.

I do agree that we should live well 80% of the time and 'cheat' approximately 20% of the time. We do have to enjoy this life after all!

However, if your goal is weight loss, you need to commit to yourself that you are worth it.

Your health is worth it. You don't have to be an obesity statistic!

Cut out the junk food and start feeding your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

So...now that I've read you the riot act about taking responsibility...AND you're still reading, I think we can safely say that you're ready to move to an action plan !

Weight Loss Help Action Plan

In my opinion there are 5 things that you absolutely need to have in order to be successful with weight loss.

  1. A clean diet - get the sugar and empty calories out!
  2. Water! Get at least eight 8oz glasses every day!
  3. Exercise - you must MOVE your body!
  4. A support system - someone to cheer you on!
  5. Accountability - someone to keep you motivated!

Sometimes I suggest that people jump-start their weight loss with a cleanse like NSP's Candida Cleanse or the Bod E Klenz

Cleansing can help your body release toxins that are stored in your fat cells. Results vary with each person, but typical results that I have seen are 5-20lbs of weight loss during a cleanse. My client Lori started her weight release off with the NSP Candida Clear cleanse and released 20lbs in her first two weeks. She then went on to release 72lbs over a six month period.

8 Week Weight Loss Program

I've put together this course aimed at losing the 'last 10 lbs' but it could be the 'first 10 lbs' depending on your situation. It's designed to take a reasonably short amount of time and get you results!

If the task seems too big to conquer, people don't know where to start. That's why I've broken it down into 8 weeks with a focus on 10 lbs.

We'll discuss food plans, different recipes and ways to make this healthier lifestyle a part of your life.

I'll also suggest an exercise program for you to follow. You can do the exercise anywhere. So if you already have a gym membership, or have equipment at home, or like be be outdoors - there are NO excuses.

It is YOUR responsibility to 'get it done'!

Have a look at my 8 Week Easy Weight Loss Solutions Program outline.

Each week I'll help to keep you on track with interesting topics related to your goal. We'll do measurements week 1, week 4, and week 8.

Apart from getting started on a healthier lifestyle, you'll start to realize increased energy and better sleep patterns. Hopefully you'll find that your mood improves and your stress level decreases.

Have I got your interest YET???

Healthy living is a lifestyle. Unlike a 'diet', there is no end to it. It is a choice - YOUR choice. You don't have to be a member of the Obesity Statistics Fan Club.

If you have children, I know you want the best for them. You would not knowingly and deliberately lead them down a path to sickness and disease so that they too, might become members of the Obesity Statistics Fan Club.

Make a commitment to yourself - and to those who love you to be as healthy as you possibly can!

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