Local Yoga Classes 
Finding your OM in your own backyard!

Upward Facing DogUpward Facing Dog - that's me!

Look no further for local yoga classes!  I would love to have you join me in my private Yoga studio here in Picton, Ontario!

I have not always been in love with yoga.  I took my first yoga class in 1994.  That was the era of high impact aerobics and step classes for me!  Yoga was so slow and kind of boring!  Little did I know what I was missing!

6 years later, I discovered the true health benefits of yoga and I began teaching in 2003.  I remember thinking to myself  " Wow!  Where has Yoga been all my life? " Funny how that happens!

My Yoga Journey...

I've taught in a number of venues from clubs to private studios since I began as a Yoga instructor.  The past 10 years I've been self-employed and loving it.  I enjoy teaching small groups of 6-8 clients.  This gives me the chance to really get to know my students' bodies and to be able to give modifications if they need them.  Another benefit of teaching local yoga classes is that I get to know my students so well.  They become my community.

Downward DogDownward Dog

I teach a vinyasa style of yoga which means 'flowing'.  I find that it is a great relaxation technique to keep people moving seamlessly from posture to posture.  Although yoga is taught in many different ways, I find that getting down to the floor, then up again, then down again, breaks the concentration and flow of the class.  It's also difficult for some clients to make that transition as well. 

Each class that I teach here at my studio is specific to the group of people that I have attending.  I teach..

  • strong vinyasa or power style 
  • gentle yoga 
  • pre-natal yoga
  • post-natal yoga for my lovely pregnant ladies!

Yoga vs Pilates
What is the Difference?

Since I teach both yoga and Pilates classes, I'm often asked "what is the difference between yoga and Pilates?" Well, yoga is about 6500 years old and Pilates is about 100 years old.  I find that there are many similarities between the two disciplines. 

Yoga was intended as a meditation and relaxation technique and later the postures were introduced to help increase focus and physical benefits. 

Pilates focuses more on the movement (or lack of movement) of the spine, shoulders and hips, and strengthens the abdominal or core muscles.  You will find many similar postures in both yoga and Pilates. 

Is one better than the other?  No. They are both beneficial in your overall health plan.

Yoga Meditation Retreat

If you would like to get away from your local yoga classes and take an afternoon to yourself in beautiful Prince Edward County, then I invite you to check out my half day yoga meditation retreat. 

You get to choose your style of yoga class, some relaxing body treatments and finish off your day in Picton, Ontario with a healthy meal shared with your friends. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

To organize a morning or afternoon yoga retreat please contact me and we can discuss details.  You can also check out lots of yoga retreats and awesome courses at the  Yoga Canada Directory.

Local Yoga Classes.
Get Started Today!

I invite you to check out your local yoga classes and find one that really feels right for you.  Find your "om"!  You'll know it when you do!

And if you happen to be around Picton, Ontario, then visit my class schedule.  I would love to help you find your love of yoga!

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