January Jumpstart Challenge!

Welcome to the January Jumpstart Challenge!  21 live sessions online!  See the details below!

Who needs a little jumpstart for their health for 2021?  Let’s do this!  It starts on Friday, January 1st! So don’t wait to get registered!  Click here to sign up now! https://bookFSTatEverFit.as.me/

2020 has been quite a year and some (maybe most!) of us have gained a little extra weight while we've been at home!  Because let's face it, the kitchen is pretty easy to cruise through while you're on a ZOOM call for work!  Or do you just keep your snacks off to the side of your computer screen?

This January Jumpstart Challenge is meant to get you moving, give you some tools to workout at home, give you some information on how to improve your overall health and have some fun!

Time frame:  January 1-31st, 2021

What:  3 live workouts each week via a private Facebook group plus 3 live nutritional/wellness chats.  All online so it’s within the parameters of the current regulations for COVID.

How it works: I will go “live” on our private FB page at a specific time where you can do the workout along with me.  If the time doesn’t work for you, you simply login to our page when you can and watch the recorded version.  I will be doing a Lower Body & Core, Upper Body and a Stretch/Yoga workout each week.  You can do the workouts more than once since they will be available to view on the FB page.  On the days where I don’t offer a new workout, I’ll do a 5-10 minute chat on something nutritional or on a wellness idea such as intermittent fasting, healthy recipes, etc. 

 Cost:  $62 – that’s just $2/day

 Accountability:  You will take your own measurements, weight and before picture and send it to me.  I will NOT share it or make it public in any way.  Take a picture of the scale with your starting weight.

 Anything else to purchase? I will be talking about some different supplements that I like to help with general health and weight loss but there are NO REQUIREMENTS to purchase anything other than the program.  

Equipment Needed:  Since this is a home workout, you will only need some minimal equipment.  A kitchen chair, a step (or use the ones in your house), some hand held weights - I suggest 5, 8 & 10lbs - or heavier depending on how long you've been working out; and a Yoga mat or towel.  That's it!

Here's how to Win with the January Jumpstart Challenge!

Prizes:  Some people like the idea of the chance of winning something at the end!  Some people just need a little accountability along the way!  So I’m prepared to offer a few prizes to up the ante a little bit!  Here are the prizes and the categories!

 1.  Most body weight % lost:  Pounds lost divided by your starting weight will give me the percentage.  That way it is not all about losing the most amount of weight.

 2.  Most inches lost:  Take your before measurements and your after measurements.  I’ll give you the specific ones to take when you register for the challenge.

 3.  Most consistent challenger:  that one will be determined by me.  You’ll be asked to do certain things when you complete a workout to prove that you did it.  Making comments in our group, being inspiring to others and really taking on the challenge will win you points!


What can you win?

60 minute Fascial Stretch (value $90)

45 minute Fascial Stretch (value $70)

One month FREE of my Online Personal Training (value $45)

It's easy to Register for the January Jumpstart Challenge!

How do I register?

Simply go online to http://www.everfitstudios.ca and click the “Schedule Appointment” button.  You will find the “January Jumpstart” class selection there.  You will be able to pay online or you are welcome to send me an etransfer to this email.  Once you have registered, I will send you the information that you need to submit to me.