Health Class
It's Not What it Used to Be!

Do you remember health class from high school?  Sitting there, bored stiff, listening to what the teacher was saying?

Now that you are an adult, I bet you are scouring the internet and any books you can find, to learn more about healthy choices and how you can enhance your health.  I know I am always learning myself!

Wellness Coach

Let me be your wellness coach on this journey to better health!  There is lots of information on the internet, but where do you start?  Do you ever wish you could attend a health class to tie it all together?

People learn in different ways.  some like to read, some like to listen and some like to 'do' (hands on).  I find the best way for me is a combination of all.  As your wellness coach, I've put together a wellness workshop series that I think you will like!

My Wellness Workshop Series

Below you will find a listing of my wellness workshops where I will take the role as your nutrition consultant and wellness coach.  I've broken it down a little further into a Cleansing Series too.   Have a look and see what peaks your interest.  Then check out my health class schedule below to sign up!

Your Health Class Menu

  • Super Smoothies! A workshop to teach you how to make these super nutritious health drinks in no time flat! get your busy day off to the right start!
  • Supplement Savvy! With so many choices on the shelves, which one do you pick?  Join me to learn what supplements are best for what ails you.  This is further broken down to include more specific topics such as weight management, metabolism & menopause, pain management, improve digestion, and general nutrition. 
  • Relieving Low Back Pain - So many people suffer daily with lower back pain.  Learn some easy stretches and supplement suggestions that will help to alleviate that pain and get you back on your feet!
  • Strike Out Stress!  Most people are suffering from too much stress in their lives.  Find out what prolonged stress can do to your health. Learn easy ways to change your stress level and take home a plan that you can implement today!
  • Happiness Cleanse! I see way too many people just 'coping' with life. More people than ever are taking antidepressants to get through their day.  It's time to get HAPPY again!  Join me to take yourself and your life on.  This is a 3-week 'cleanse' to get your spirit back in shape.  Trust me, you will enjoy this cleanse!

The Cleansing Series.....

  • Colon/Bowel Cleanse - if you don't poop, you die! It's true!  Before you embark on any other cleansing program, you need to clean out your bowel.  2 week cleanse.
  • Candida - What is it? And why should I get it under control? Candida or yeast can cause numerous health issues in the body if not taken care of.  Join me to learn what those problems are and how you can cleanse the candida safely.  2 week cleanse.
  • Down with Digestion -so many people have digestion issues: heartburn, indigestion, gas and bloating to name a few.  If you can't assimilate (break down) the nutrients that you are eating, they will pass right through.  Wouldn't you like to actually get the benefit of what you eat?  2 week cleanse.
  • Loving Your Liver - Your liver processes over 500 actions per day.  Does it not make sense to give it as much help as we can?  The liver is the only organ that can re-generate itself.  So let's love our livers!  2 week cleanse.
  • Cleaning Your Kidneys - the kidneys are one of our main elimination organs.  They are small little lobes that we cannot feel until we have a problem with them!  Ask anyone who has had kidney stones and they can tell you about pain.  Ever think about your kidneys and the connection to lower back pain? This is all about flushing them out, getting rid of waste and creating a healthy terrain .  2 week cleanse.
  • Lighten Up Your Lungs - studies show that most people only use the top 10% of their lungs.  Gravity pulls everything down.  So things 'sink' to the bottom of the lungs.  Think about how pneumonia works.  So let's get those lungs working at more than 10%!  Breathe easier! 2 week cleanse.
  • Smart Skin - our skin is our biggest elimination organ.  If we are toxic inside, it usually shows up on our skin through rashes, acne, psoriasis, eczema, itching and more.  Learn how the blood plays a big role and what you can do to have awesome, glowing skin.  2 week cleanse.

So, there you have it!  My wellness workshop series!  Everyone is welcome. All health class info sessions take place at The Studio.  Which one will you pick first? Check the schedule in the right hand column.

Reserve your seat! Bring a friend!

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Upcoming Wellness Workshop Events

Supplement Savvy! 

Ever wonder what supplements your body needs?

Pick up a copy of "It's Your Health" from the studio, fill out the questionnaires & then meet with me for 30 minutes to work out the best plan!

$30. includes workbook & consultation

Relieving Low  Back Pain

Get the 'Ouch ' out!

A workshop designed to teach you how to alleviate low back pain.

Thursday, February 19th  2:00pm

$40. includes a take home set of exercises

Sensational Super Smoothies!

Learn simple, delicious recipes to boost your health!

Thursday, February 26th  2:00pm

$10. includes recipes and lots of tasting! Draws for prizes too!

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