Fundraising for Charity

Fundraising for charity is such a rewarding experience. Since I am an animal lover, I want to help the abandoned animals in my area.

Every town has a humane society that is full with sweet little animals that are looking for their "forever home".

Most of these shelters are funded solely by donations, sponsoring and fundraising for charity. Volunteers are an integral part of every humane society and they are always in need of an extra set of loving hands.

What unique fundraising ideas do you have to help out your local animal shelter?

Could you collect tinned cat food? Ask people to purchase an extra toy at the pet store when they go in? Maybe sell some of your extra clutter and donate the funds to a local charity? What will it be for you?

Current Fundraising for Charity!

Over the past few weeks, I asked my clients to bring in an item for the local Loyalist Humane Society.  This year alone, they have looked after 432 cats and kittens!  They do an amazing job! 

We were able to gift them with 51 cans of wet cat food, 4 big bags of gently used blankets and towels, 2 awesome cat beds, several toys, Canadian Tire money (which they use to purchase items) and $60 in cash!

Donations collected for the Loyalist Humane Society

Since we are entering a new year, what could you challenge your friends to do for the animals?  Do you know of a local shelter that needs food?  Could you go and spare a few hours to walk dogs or spend time socializing with the furry friends? 

Change My Life!

Have you ever wanted to do something really important? Something that could really help and have an impact long after you are gone? Something that could 'change my life' forever?

What about volunteering at one of your local charities? What strikes a chord in your heart? Animals? Children? Helping someone get shelter or a warm meal?

Could you be an angel and collect some food in your neighbourhood?  What can you do to help? It doesn't have to be big, it just needs to come from the heart.

Fundraising for charity is so easy to do. Maybe just collect your spare change in a bowl and every month take it to the charity of your choice.  Or clean out your closets taking the good "slightly" used items to a local Second Time Around store.  These stores are usually run by volunteers and appreciate your previously loved items.

Perhaps you're an animal lover like myself.  What if you purchased an extra bag of food every month and donated it to your local shelter?  Better yet - go and adopt that little angel and give him/her a new forever home!

Please remember that the gift of an animal is usually not the best idea. Especially if the recipient is not aware of the gift he/she may be receiving. However, if you do choose to give the gift of a "forever friend", please have a look at Animal shelters in your area. There are SO many wonderful animals to choose from. Help give them the "purrfect" home.

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