My Fitness Studio...

Welcome to my fitness studio!  This is where I help to change lives every day.  I've created a warm, welcoming space for you.  My clients like the privacy and the friendly atmosphere.  Let's go for a tour!

As your personal fitness trainer, I will lead you through an exercise fitness workout personalized to your needs.  Here you see my two GTS or Gravity Training Systems.  They are fantastic pieces of equipment for small studios such as mine.  They work on a pulley system so you are using your body weight against gravity.  I can attach a squat plate and lift the board up or down depending on what exercise we are doing.  It's a full body workout experience!

Gym in my fitness studio

Above you can see the cable machine that I have.  I absolutely LOVE this piece of equipment!  It's so versatile and has a weight stack of 300lbs so it can be quite a challenge depending on what exercise you are doing! In the foreground, you can see my indoor bike and mini trampoline that I use for cardio as well as getting the lymphatic system moving.

I use fitness tools such as the BOSU balance trainer, fitness balls, tubing, free weights, Gliders and more.  It's all about keeping it interesting and fun for you!  And trust me, with 26 years experience as a fitness professional, I have a big tool box of exercises to target every little muscle!

Office in my fitness studio

The soft colour of the treatment room walls invite you to relax and begin your journey to wellness.   This is the place where we can sit and discuss your current health, your fitness/wellness goals and come up with a plan to achieve those goals.  It's also where you will undoubtedly meet Charlie - my super sweet cat - who likes to welcome everyone into the studio!  Don't worry if you have allergies, he is quickly dismissed of his duties back to his bed upstairs!

This is also the room where I do:

It is a beautiful room with soft music and the slight smell of relaxing essential oils to enhance your treatment.

Fitness Studio Services

Here's quick summary of the services that I offer at my fitness studio:

I hope you've enjoyed your tour of my studio and I will look forward to hearing from you soon!  If you're ready to connect, contact me here!

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