Get in Shape with a Beginner Exercise Program

No Equipment Needed!

You're ready to do it!

You want to get in shape and start a beginner exercise program. You don't have any equipment and going to the gym isn't convenient for you.

Not to worry!

Today I'm going to give you a workout program that doesn't require any equipment at all!

It will include:

Are you ready? I hope so!

Weight Loss Motivation

What do I mean by weight loss motivation?

Well, for many people, seeing a recent picture of themselves is enough to light their fire and get their butt off the couch! This is where a beginner exercise program is a great tool!  When was the last time you saw a picture of yourself?

Having a 'less than desirable' picture in your mind, is not the only way to motivate yourself.

How about an event that is coming up? A lot of people want to look and feel better about themselves for a summer wedding, family reunion, or other important event.

Do you have a special occasion coming up in the next few months that could be a motivator for you?

Take a few minutes right now and decide what will be your weight loss motivation.

Goal Setting Tips

As with all goals, you want to set yourself up to succeed. Using these goal setting tips will help you to be successful. This includes a beginner exercise program!

You may have heard of setting SMART goals. What does that mean?

    S stands for SPECIFIC. Don't be wishy-washy, know what you want to achieve. For example: I want to lose 10lbs by December 31st.

    M stands for MEASURABLE. If you can't measure it, how do you know when you've achieved it?

    A stands for ACHIEVABLE. Pick something that can be done. It's a wonderful thing to say you want to end world hunger - but is that really achievable in a specific time frame?

    R stands for REALISTIC. Is it realistic to say that you will run a full marathon in under 3 hours if you've never even ran before?

    T stands for TIMED. Put a specific date on your goal. It helps you to stay focused.

Example of a S M A R T Goal

I want to participate in a 5km run by June 30, 2016!

This is specific (5km run), measurable, achievable, realistic and timed (by June 30, 2016).

OK, your turn!

Take a few minutes right now. Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down some ideas for your goals using these goal setting tips!

Suggestion: If you have a number of pounds that you would like to release, then break it down into 10 pound increments.

For example: You have 50 pounds that you would like to remove from your life. Break this down into 10 pound mini-goals every 6 weeks or so. Then give yourself a reason to celebrate your successes every 6 weeks with a reward!

Beginner Exercise Program - the Workout!

So you've found your weight loss motivation, you've set your S M A R T goal. Now you're ready for the 'No Equipment Workout'!

Walking for weight loss is one of the easiest things to get started with. It makes a great beginner exercise program! Make sure that you have proper shoes and a safe route.

If you are already active, then you may find that walking does not give you the amount of cardio that you require to blast through a plateau related to your fitness level. If this is the case, you can certainly substitute jogging or running in place of the walking.

In my experience and according to documented research, you should be active for 30 minutes or more EACH day! This can help you maintain a healthy body and fitness level. I am going to indicate time instead of distance. As you progress on your fitness journey, you will be able to walk a longer distance in the allotted time.

Walking for Weight Loss Schedule

Week #1

Sunday: 20 minutes walking

Monday: 20 minutes walking + Body Weight Exercises

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 20 minutes walking + Body Weight Exercises

Thursday: 20 minutes walking

Friday: Body Weight Exercises

Saturday: 25 minutes walking

Week #2

Keep with the same routine, however increase your time to 25 minutes and do 2 sets of the Body Weight Exercises.

Week #3

By now you might be comfortable with this routine. Increase the walking time to 30 minutes and try a different route. Keep with 2 sets of the Body Weight Exercises.

Week #4

Keep your program the same this week however, see if you can go a little farther in distance in the same amount of time. Keep with 2 sets of the Body Weight Exercises.

Body Weight Exercises for Beginner Exercise Program

The body weight exercises for this beginner exercise program are simple to do. I will only give you 4 so it's easy to fit in time wise as well.

Squats Stand in front of a chair, sit back until the back of your legs touch the edge of the chair and then stand back up again. Repeat 15 times.

Lunges Stand tall, then step out with one leg into a lunge. It doesn't need to be far, just be sure that your front knee is over your foot. If you go too far, your knee will be out past your toes and that will put far too much pressure on your knee. Return to standing position. Alternate legs and do 15 times on each side.

Push Ups Yep, I said push ups! Position yourself on the floor with your hands a little wider than your shoulders. You can leave your knees on the floor to make it easier. Pull your belly in tight to your spine and lower your chest down towards the floor - then push back up! Repeat 10 times.

Plank Plank is a great exercise to strengthen your core(stomach muscles), your arms and your back. Go into your push up position and tuck your toes under so that you can lift your knees off the floor. Shoulders are directly over your wrists this time. Pull your belly in tight to your spine, and hold for 10 seconds or more. Repeat 5 times.

Plank for a strong core

So there you have it ! That's your beginner exercise program with no weights required! When you're ready for something new, try my Stability Ball workout!

Be sure to review my fitness nutrition guidelines. They can help you achieve your goals faster.

A healthy smoothie is a great tasting way to boost your energy before getting started on your exercise program. Or enjoy one after you're done! Either way, you can pack a lot of excellent nutrition into your smoothie.

Good luck setting your goals and getting started on a beginner exercise program! You can do it!

Check back often for more goal setting tips and fitness tips!

I'm here to help you achieve your goals.

You can contact me for more information about my fitness workouts schedule.

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