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Kathy's Korner!, Issue #003 What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?
February 16, 2016
Hi there!

Welcome to the third issue of Kathy's Korner!

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I'm Kathy McAlpine Terpstra and I own a private wellness studio in beautiful Prince Edward County, Canada.

Most of my clients are baby boomers between the ages of 50-85. It makes sense that as we age, we want to keep doing the things that make us happy - travel, gardening, playing golf, boating, sports - you name it!

Today I want to explain to you what Fascial Stretch Therapy is and how it can help you to reduce pain, have more mobility and feel better!

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

First of all, let me explain what fascia is. Fascia is connective tissue. If it's healthy, it should look like a wet spider web (see picture below). This web of connective tissue is found throughout the body but today we'll focus on the tissue that surrounds the muscles and lays under the skin. Research has found that this connective tissue wraps around the muscles kind of like a tube sock.

What happens if that connective tissue is too tight?

  • Range of motion at the joints can be decreased
  • Muscle pain can occur
  • Muscle strength can be lessened
  • Reduced flexibility
  • How does fascia get tight?

    Scar tissue, injuries, repetitive motions (such as sitting), specific sports movements, the aging process and dehydration all contribute to the fascial web being restricted.

    You need to stretch your fascia!!! This is different from stretching after your workout. As a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, I perform a series of movements with a client using slight traction and stretching in all kinds of different directions to get the best results. If you have pain, limited range of motion, tight muscles, past injuries - then you will want to learn more about fascial stretching. Check out my page on Fascia here.

    Fascial Stretch for Pain Relief

    That's next week's topic! Make sure to join me and pass along my website to anyone you think might enjoy it!

    How Do I Learn More?

    It's easy! Just visit my contact me page and make an appointment!

    Thanks for spending some time with me today! Make today your best day ever!


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