InForm Weightloss Nutritional Coaching

InForm is a stress-free, information-rich plan that helps people achieve their health and weightloss goals.  Are you looking to lose pounds? Maybe you have a small weightloss goal or maybe it's a bit bigger.  I'd like to introduce you to a proven 13-week nutritional program called InForm.    Watch this quick video to give you a better understanding.

There are MANY weightloss programs out on the market today but......

IN.FORM is Different…and Delightfully Better!

HOW you ask? Let me count the best ways:

HIGH-TECH. We use super-cool technology to measure more than just weight and waist size. Our BioTracker takes a snapshot or your current health and allows you to measure weekly progress in 8 important health categories over the 13-week program.

PREPARATION. We teach you the fundamental skills you need to eat healthier, remove toxins, take control of your food environment, handle cravings, deal with setbacks and much more. Learn how to eat right and live healthfully, not simply suppress your eating. And there’s no calorie counting. None. We'll teach you about clean eating and using natural health products to enhance your health.

Accountability. Reporting your measurements and key data every week helps your coach realize and appreciate your efforts and choices during the week. And keeping a food journal helps build personal accountability for eating habits, exercise, water intake and more.

SOCIAL. You’ll have fun and make new friends who will cheer you on to success.

HOLISTIC. We examine the whole person, taking into account unique needs and important factors like emotions, stress, social support and more.

HAPPY FULLNESS. Believe it or not, when you eat the right foods, you don’t feel hungry all the time. Our Essential Foods Plan features food you can find at your supermarket. Eat what you want—meat, dairy, whole grains, fruit and vegetables—as long as it’s in the plan. Track what you eat in your food journal. Stick to the Plan and you’re much less likely to fill up on nutrient-poor, calorie-rich junk.

How Can I Join the Next Class?

Ready to join my next class?  Contact me for details! Check my Home Page to see when the next class begins!

Tracking your Weightloss

One of the tools that we use to help you lose pounds, is the Biotracker.  It's not simply a scale that will record your weight.  It also measures your hydration level (how much water you have in your body), your body fat %, your bone mass, daily caloric intake, muscle mass, visceral fat (this is the fat in and around your organs - hint, it's the dangerous fat that we definitely want to keep in the safe zone!) and my favorite - your metabolic age.  Your metabolic age is arrived at by considering all of the other information. It tells you how "old" or "young" your body really is.  I have a client who is 79 years old but her metabolic age is only 47!  That's awesome!  I also have a 39 year old client whose metabolic age showed up as 88.  You can bet that was motivation for her to get moving on a healthier lifestyle!

InForm Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from clients.....

"I am participating in the InForm program with Kathy Terpstra and am delighted with the results I’m seeing. The weekly meetings are educational, encouraging and fun. Each week we sample a new, healthy smoothie or treat – and leave with the recipe. I’m learning some very basic food facts and techniques for healthier eating. I have never felt like eating anything first thing in the morning, but now I religiously have a protein smoothie – which I enjoy, and it gets my day off to a good start.  At Kathy’s suggestion, I have been tracking my protein and fibre intake, and choosing foods to fill in any shortfalls I can see as the day progresses. I have also become almost fanatical about reading labels (a real eye-opener), which enables me to avoid the sugars that seem to be ever-present in grocery store foods. With attention to what I am eating, and the weekly exercise challenge, the weekly progress log shows how I am steadily improving. This is very encouraging, but, more importantly, I am developing new, healthy, habits of eating clean and exercising, which will last long after the program is completed. I don’t think I could have made changes to this extent without Kathy and the InForm program."

Evelyn Magnusson

"The Inform program has done just that- it has informed me of the nutritional value of everything I choose to put in my mouth. I am now conscious of my choices and value the nutrition of my food for my body needs. I believe this type of information should be taught in schools as a health subject. At the age 46 I’m just now understanding what my body needs, how it is to feel “good” and what a normal energy level is supposed to be like. As you have stated before this isn’t a diet but a lifestyle!

I’m living an “informed” life and I’m loving it! I wish I would have found out about “inform” earlier!"

Many thanks, Missy

I hope you've learned a little about this great program.  If you're ready to make a change, then I would be happy to be your coach along the way.  Contact me for more information.  If you would like to shop for some natural health products, visit my Nature's Sunshine website to get started.  Choose to be a "preferred customer" upon checkout and you will save 10% off all products.

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